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The water heater experts at Hot Water Ottawa

The team at Hot Water Ottawa are the go-to licensed water heater experts for homeowners throughout the entire Ottawa area. We offer you a full list of water heater services such as:

Hot Water Ottawa is founded by the same team that started Ottawa Home Services, the HVAC specialists many of you already know and trust. Like Ottawa Home Services, we provide top quality products and services. In fact, we are similar to the larger Ottawa water heater contractors – yet we offer better prices and a higher level of personalized service than the “big guys” do. You won’t experience delays or generic interactions like you might when dealing with larger companies. We listen, take the time needed to help you make the right decisions, and we are there when you need us.

We are very much a local operation, rooted in the community. Whether you need a water heater installed in Barrhaven or Kanata, we’ll be there. This means that you are always welcome to discuss your questions and concerns with us, either in person or virtually. We will be happy to share our expert opinion on topics like tankless water heaters vs hot water tanks – and to hear your perspective, too. After all, our business is based on you and your needs, and our ultimate goal is to build a lifelong relationship with you, as our valued customer and friend.

The water heaters that we offer for sale are well known and trusted brands, which are backed by years of experience. They include:

The “Best In Ottawa” has awarded Hot Water Ottawa with the best in Water Heater services.

Ottawa Home Services (our servicing agent) is accredited by the following professional organizations

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