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Not having hot water in your Barrhaven home is a big problem, and one the experts at Hot Water Ottawa will be happy to rectify. With a team of fully licensed technicians ready to be dispatched, we offer professional HVAC services at affordable rates, with that personalized service that larger companies just can’t match.

The Hot Water Ottawa team are the go-to experts for Barrhaven residents, and we service all across the area, from Pheasant Run to Rideau Glen, and everywhere in between. Some of the many services we offer include:

  • Hot water heater sales and installation
  • Hot water heater rentals
  • Repairs of any make or model, such as hot water tanks and tankless heaters
  • Annual maintenance and safety inspections

Types Of Water Heaters

Tanked gas or electric water heaters are the standard equipment used for heating your Barrhaven home’s water. A standard hot water tank can be electric or gas-powered, and will come in a variety of sizes. It stores the water and keeps it hot until you need it. It’s a good option if you have lots of appliances and water sources running at the same time, such as the washing machine, dishwasher, and shower.

Some downsides to this type of heater are the amount of space they take up, and that they’re not particularly energy efficient. Keeping your water hot accounts for 15-25% or your utility bills. Energy Star certified models will use less energy, but if you’re looking for more efficiency, a tankless model will be your best bet.

We offer all the best brands, such as Navien, Noritz, Rinnai, Bosch, and more. With regular maintenance, they can last 10-15 years. There’s less upfront cost than what you’d find with a tankless model, and we also have models to rent starting at just $13.35 monthly.

A tankless heater doesn’t store water, but instead heats cold water as it flows through the unit. Hot water is available on-demand, so it won’t run out like a hot water tank. They’re also much smaller than tanked hot water heaters, so if space is tight this could be the solution for you.

An added benefit of a tankless hot water heater is the amount of space it takes up—or doesn’t! Tankless units are by far the most compact way to heat your water. Because they don’t have to store any water, and instead provide on-demand, endless hot water, you can free up plenty of room in your basement or utility room.

A big portion of your home energy bill comes from maintaining the hot water in your tank. By choosing the best tankless model, you can save money (and water!) by reducing your gas or electricity consumption. 

This type of heater is a great option for a lot of Barrhaven homes, and comes with its own pros and cons. Hybrid heat pump water heaters are much more energy efficient than standard electric tank models, and can last twice as long.

Rather than create heat, hybrid heaters simply move it from one place to another instead. Essentially, it works the opposite way cooling equipment does. While refrigerators or air conditioners remove heat from the area, a hybrid water heater takes heat from the surrounding air and combines it with the water in the tank.

Of course, this can only go so far. If the demand for hot water is high, the hybrid tank will rely on electricity as a backup heating source (similar to how a hybrid vehicle will use gasoline as a backup for its electric motor).

Because hybrid models don’t use electricity nearly as much as standard tank models, they have a far longer lifespan. However, one drawback is that they do take up more room than standard models, so if you’re already tight on space there might not be enough room to fit one in.

Rinnai Tankless RU Models
Bosch Therm Series

Water Heater Repair Service

When your hot water heater stops working, it’s a major inconvenience—or even a disaster. Whether your heater has simply stopped working or the tank has burst and is flooding your basement, Hot Water Ottawa provides dependable, professional water heater repairs.

We can fix any make or model in Barrhaven and the Ottawa area, and our friendly, expert technicians are available to help you 24/7 (and yes, that includes weekends and holidays!). 

Common Hot Water Heater Problems

If you’ve determined the age of your water heater and it isn’t old enough to warrant a replacement (traditional water heaters last 10-12 years), the cause of the issue is likely to be one of these problems:

Whatever the severity of the problem is, we offer top-quality services, reliable gas water heaters, and friendly, trustworthy technicians. Get back to your home routine quickly with Hot Water Ottawa’s installation and repair services.

About Hot Water Ottawa in Barrhaven

With more than 17 years in the industry, we are very much trusted local water heater installers rooted in the community. Hot Water Ottawa was created by the same team behind Ottawa Home Services, the HVAC specialists that many of you already know and trust. 

Whether you have a question on the types of water heater services, or need an expert opinion on topics like tankless water heaters vs. hot water tanks, we’ll be happy to discuss things with you! Our business is based on you and your needs, and our ultimate goal is to build long-lasting relationships and call valued customers our friends.

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