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Ottawa – you now have a choice! Servicing the entire Ottawa area, our hot water heater experts are here to help. Tank or Tankless. Gas or Electric. Rent or Purchase? We know, it can be confusing. We’ll help you understand all your options so you can make the right choice.

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What is the Difference Between Gas Tankless Water Heaters and Hot Water Heater Tanks?

If it’s time to get a new water heater, you may be wondering about tankless vs traditional water heaters and which one to get. They both have their advantages and disadvantages – it’s all about what’s right for you.

If you need some help deciding, we’ve provided an overview and handy online tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as a heat pump water heater, a hybrid tank blends the mechanics of both a traditional and electric water heater. When deemed efficient, a hybrid system absorbs heat from the outside air and uses it to heat the tank's water. The system automatically switches to electric heating only when the outdoor temperature falls below a preset temperature, and it is no longer economical to operate the heat pump feature. This is a great option if you are looking for a more efficient way to heat your hot water without the use of natural gas.

Enbridge Gas is ending its Open Bill Program, which allowed hot water rental charges to be included on your Enbridge bill. Hot Water Ottawa is helping customers affected to make a smooth and seamless transition to our new payment and billing system.

The answer is yes, but not all homes are equipped to support electric units. Most homes require an electrical service upgrade to accommodate an electric heater. Choosing a natural gas tankless model is the best option or, if you are looking to move away from natural gas, a hybrid version is an excellent choice.

The answer to that depends on a lot of different factors. Your financial situation can definitely be a driving factor. Some choose to purchase their unit outright, which saves them more money in the long run. Renting is extremely common for the Ottawa region for different types of water heaters.

No hot water? The easy answer is wear and tear. Depending on what the issue is, it's possible a small part failed, corroded, or had too much sediment buildup. You should be flushing your water tank annually to make sure there isn't too much buildup. Most issues with water heaters are due to this, especially in Ontario.

Check the age of your water heater first. It is not set in stone, but life expectancy for a hot water tank is about 10 years, and as many as 20 years for a tankless water heater. This will change based on proper installation and regular maintenance by the homeowner or a professional. Checking the anode rod in your hot water tanks and flushing your tank or tankless water heaters will help keep them in tip-top shape.

We both install and repair water heaters all over Ottawa! From Barrhaven to Kanata, we'll be available to help

There are a few different types of hot gas water heaters and selecting the right water heater for your home will save money on energy bills. Luckily, Ottawa residents have options depending on the fuel type, space needed, and other features like energy star ratings. Our team can help you choose the best water heater unit for your hot water needs and handle your water heater installation.

Traditional tank hot water heaters come in many sizes, and store hot water in their tanks, keeping the water at a set temperature until it needs to be used. This is a water heater Ottawa homes frequently have, and to keep energy costs low it should be energy star rated, and needs to be flushed annually and the anode rod that heats the water should be checked, as corrosion is common. The downside to consider is that once you've used the water in the hot water tank, it needs to refill and heat up again before you have more hot water to use. That is why the right size is essential! Most hot water tanks last 10-15 years and have multiple fuel source options.

A tankless heater will instantly heat your water as you need it. No storage tank means there is less room taken up, but it also means that you are only heating the water that you use so no matter how many gallons of hot shower water you need, you'll have an unlimited supply. No hot water tanks reduce the risk of corrosion and sediment buildup and save money as on-demand heating means you aren't paying to keep the water heater running when you aren't using it.

Also known as heat pump water heaters, Hybrid water heaters are a great option for a lot of Ottawa homes as they are much more energy-efficient than electric water heater models and can last twice as long as standard tank models. It will save on electricity by moving heat from one place to another instead of creating heat. These hot water tanks need similar floor space to your typical water heater tank.

Common Hot Water Heater Issues

When your hot water heater breaks down, it’s a serious inconvenience, possibly a disaster. You need help right away, whether the water heater has simply stopped producing hot water or it’s flooding your basement due to a burst tank. Our friendly, expert Ottawa technicians are water heater services experts and pledge to be available for you 24/7. Yes, that includes weekends and even holidays. We can work on all water tanks, including gas and electric, and propane.

When you are in need of hot water heater replacement, either because your rental contract is over, or your gas water heater is on its last legs, renting may be the option for you!

Choosing to rent vs. buying a water heater offers you tremendous value. Take advantage of affordable and consistent monthly payments and enjoy peace of mind with no-hassle repairs. Our Ottawa hot water experts are ready to help you navigate your options and choose your next hot water heater. We are a rental company that believes in transparency and fair rental fees. We will walk you through every part to make sure you understand your contract and there are no surprises.