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Replace your old hot water tank the easy, affordable way

Is your hot water tank not working? Maybe it’s costing you too much in utility bills, or it’s just not providing enough hot water for your growing family.

When you’re ready to install a new water heater (or you’d like to upgrade to a larger or more efficient hot water tank) try this easy, affordable option for water heater replacement: Hot Water Ottawa’s Water Heater Rental Program.

Choosing to rent offers you tremendous value. Take advantage of affordable and consistent monthly payments and enjoy peace of mind with no-hassle repairs. A robust maintenance plan is included in every rental contract. Our hot water experts are ready to help you navigate your options and choose your next hot water heater.

8 great reasons to rent a tankless water heater from Hot Water Ottawa!

  1. Free in-home or remote consultation
  2. Free basic installation including professional removal (and return) of your existing hot water tank
  3. Free first month’s rental
  4. Free service and maintenance throughout the water heater lifetime
  5. Convenience: have rental charges included on your monthly Enbridge gas bill through Ottawa Home Services
  6. Tankless water heaters are some of the most efficient water heaters available today
    (we sell and rent all brands)
  7. Buyout option offers you the freedom to purchase your water heater rental at any time without penalty
  8. Low water bill and utility costs

Learn more about the various water heater rental options vs. buying or our guide on how to choose the best tankless model.

Water Heater Rental

Water heater rentals are convenient and, with the right contract, can provide you with peace of mind. For anyone who knows they’ll be living in their home for a short time, water heater rentals are especially ideal.

A water heater rental can also offer tremendous value. A huge plus is that no big downpayment is required. Instead, rentals often feature free installation and a consistent monthly rate that includes the cost of necessary repairs. And if you want to purchase your rental unit, a buy-out option is available.

Plus, renting can be more affordable, giving you the benefit of consistent monthly payments and peace of mind with no-hassle repairs.

When you rent with Hot Water Ottawa, we include a maintenance plan you can count on in every rental contract. And while you’re still making your decision, our hot water experts are ready to help you navigate your options so you can choose the right water heater for you.

Buying a Water Heater

Although buying a new water heater in Ottawa does cost money upfront, buying means that your selection won’t be as limited, your unit will be under warranty, you can choose your maintenance plan, and buying can be more cost-effective in the longterm.

Hot Water Tank

Beware Other Water Heater Rental Contracts

Finding trustworthy rental providers for water heaters can be a challenge. Step one is to review a rental provider’s contract carefully for hidden fees, repair exceptions and expensive buy-out clauses in the fine print.

This happens to such an extent that many Ottawa residents end up trapped in rental agreements. It’s often too costly to buy out their contract, so customers end up paying a lot of money until the rental period is up.


Monthly rates will vary depending on your needs, but usually, the rental cost is somewhere around $18-$60 per month.

Unlike other rental programs that increase their rental rates by 2-4% each year, when you rent with Hot Water Ottawa, you’ll pay lower rates, and we don’t build annual increases into our rental contracts.

Contract Term

Renting water heaters usually requires committing to a minimum contract term length. The “other guys” typically require customers to sign a rental contract that lasts at least 72-84 months.


If you’re considering a water tank rental or a tankless water heater rental, you’re likely looking for affordability. Part of that is knowing exactly how much you’ll be charged for your rental.

Common inconveniences with rental programs are exit fees that include paying for the entire length of the contract, even if you are terminating it early. And if you decide you’d like to own the unit, the buy-out price might not save you any money.

At Hot Water Ottawa, we’re committed to 100% transparency about our fee structure. Also, if you do choose to purchase your rental unit, you can do so at any time without penalty.


Service and maintenance are supposed to be included in your water heater rental contract. While this may be true, many rental programs don’t prioritize rental unit repairs and service. You may have to wait days before someone comes to look at your water heater.

With Hot Water Ottawa, you won’t have to wait days for service. Our licensed technicians understand that hot water heater service calls are an emergency, and we will prioritize your service call. You can call Hot Water Ottawa anytime, 24/7.

We can fix natural gas water heaters, tankless water heaters, electric and hybrid units. Additionally, we provide maintenance throughout the life of your water heater to keep it working optimally.

Hot water heaters are a necessity, so it makes sense to consider your options carefully. Whether you’re considering a hot water tank rental or you’re interested in a tankless water heater, Hot Water Ottawa is here to help you find the right option for you.

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