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Tankless vs Hybrid Water Heaters: Which Is Better?

Tankless Vs Hybrid Water Heater in Ottawa

Are you planning to install a new water heater in your Ottawa home? You may wonder what type of water heater will give you the best performance at the lowest installation and energy cost.

When you research tankless vs hybrid water heaters, you’ll see that each type has its pros and cons. Read on as our team at Hot Water Ottawa explains the difference between tankless and hybrid heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

Unlike traditional tank heaters that heat ‌and store hot water, tankless water heaters only heat ‌as much water as you need.

As you turn on a washing machine, faucet, or any other plumbing fixture that uses hot water, the water heater’s sensors send a message to the unit’s internal computer, which activates the burner. The heater’s burner instantly starts heating up water. The hot water flow continues while the fixture works.

Tankless units are compact, convenient, and highly energy efficient. Although they require a higher upfront cost compared to tank heaters, the tankless water heater investment will pay off in lower energy bills over the heater’s lifetime. Tankless heaters also have a longer average lifespan than conventional hot water tanks.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters include a storage tank for hot water, just like electric standard tank water heaters. However, hybrid heaters work in a completely different way.

A traditional heater, whether gas or electric, generates heat. A hybrid heater, aka heat pump water heater, moves heat from its environment and channels it into the water in the storage tank.

However, at times of high demand for hot water (for example, when you run several plumbing fixtures at once) the hybrid heater will supplement its heat pump effect with electricity. These heaters are electric only, with no gas option.

Heat pump hybrids need a ventilated space. A small closet won’t work well because the heat pump will quickly suck out the warm air from the enclosed space, and then the heater will need to use more energy to heat up cold air. A hybrid water heater also requires regular maintenance to keep air filters clean.

Tankless or Hybrid?

Tankless and hybrid water heaters have comparable installation and operating costs. So should you choose a tankless or hybrid heater? It depends on several factors. For example, you may opt for a tankless heater if:

  • You prefer a gas water heater
  • You have limited space
  • You want on-demand water supply

In contrast, a hybrid heater may work best if you:

  • Prefer an electric water heater
  • Don’t have a gas line
  • Have no space constraints
  • Have an all-electric heat pump system
  • Want to get off of fossil fuels

Most importantly, choose a quality model that you can expect to perform well for many years. Check out our guide on shopping for the best water heaters.

Hot Water Ottawa: Your Local Water Heater Experts

If you’re vacillating between tankless vs hybrid water heaters, we can help you choose the best model for your home, lifestyle, and budget. Our water heater experts of Hot Water Ottawa supply top-quality, best tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters by premium brands.

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